" A Mouthful of Snow"

written and performed by Julie Calvert

Kate, an actress at a difficult time in her life, looks back and reminisces about her work,  her family, her friends,  her highs and her lows, as she struggles back to 'Planet Normal'.   A moving piece ......... dark from time to time .......... but always lightened by Kate's unfailing grace and humour.


' a most moving and talented performance'   

 ' a memorable play  -  thought provoking and very moving'

'Very intelligent writing, treated me, as an audience member, as intelligent'

' Enjoyable ... moving .... a new spin on the subject......the humour leavened the sadness.'



Trained as an actor at the Arden School of Theatre, as a mature student, having had a nursing and  midwifery background.  She toured extensively around Britain, and U.S.A. with Eyewitness Theatre Company  -   and won a Manchester Evening News Award for David Mamet "Theatrical Pieces

Julie formed  “Mindful Theatre Company”  and tours with some of her own writing  -  including “The Vagabond” at the Edinburgh Fringe and “Happy Girl”, a piece of imaginative theatre about life as an autistic person.  Her favourite roles include:   Grace in Brian Friel’s   "Faith Healer",  Juno in Sean O’Casey's  "Juno and the Paycock" and several characters in Alan Bennett’s  "Talking Heads".

"A Mouthful of Snow"  was born from a desire to convey, by humour and words, the experience of one particular person’s journey through sickness.  Julie says:   " I have drawn much from my work at Hospices  - which is my work when I am "resting " -  and wanted to show some of the amazing strengths, humour and peace that I come across on any ordinary shift.   Most of all I really believe that theatre should be challenging, thought provoking, and ……. Entertaining !         Julie Calvert