1-3 Church Road Eccles Manchester M30 0DL
Tel: 0161 788 7343  


EVERY TUESDAY  with Jeremy Sassoon and guests
Tables from 7.15pm - jazz from 7.30pm  
Fixed price Menu  £16.95



Ring  0161 788 7343 to book your table


        (  picture of Smiths' Jazz  Musicians by one of our younger customers ! )  

Hear some of the North West's finest musicians at Smiths

Pay for your meal and drinks - and the music comes free of charge !!

                     Tuesday Feb 2nd                       

Jeremy Sassoon with Mike Davis ( trumpet )

Tuesday Feb 9th  

Jeremy Sassoon  with Sara Dowling ( voc )

Tuesday Feb 16th  

Jeremy Sassoon  with Paul Bentley ( congas / voc )

Tuesday Feb 23rd

George King ( keys ) and John King ( guitar )


 ( Click here to read Jeremy's 'ode' to the tenth anniversary of Jazz at Smiths )

































 2008 review from Manchester Confidential

Salford’s always been short of good places in which to eat out: a list of likely venues would struggle to fill two thirds of a postage stamp. Yet for the past 20 or so years initially with Bistro221 at Monton and now Smiths restaurant in Eccles, Dave Hebdon and his colleagues Chris and Dale, have managed to bring a little magic to the twin city.Smiths lies close to Eccles Station, within a former WH Smiths shop, hence the name, and is a lovely 110 cover contemporary restaurant. There is a very attractive fixed price menu offering three courses for £15.75 with two courses offered from the same menu for £11.50 before 6.45pm. There is also an extensive chalk specials board offering, on our visit, such delights as black pudding and goats cheese served on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves (£5.95) and potted crayfish and prawns flavoured with spring onion and fresh chili (£5.95). We decided to stick with the fixed price menu though. My starter was the cream of fish and seafood soup that Dave has been crafting from a secret recipe for years now. It was exquisite in its clash of the piquant and the savoury: one of the finest soups of its kind that I've tasted. Over the table a crab and pasta salad was bland in contrast despite the lightly curried mayonnaise that accompanied it. Our puddings revealed better that anything else the care that sets Smiths apart in the west of the city. My raspberry and Earl Grey jelly served with crème fraiche and summer fruit compote was gently refreshing. Over the table a warm Eccles cake - a case of 'when in Rome' - served with chilled butterscotch cream was delicious. Service here was friendly and unfussy with the staff mingling and not stifling and over attentive. The absence of any ubiquitous restaurant music was very welcome. Eating here you get the feeling that the owners have hit on a formula that works. Smiths is definitely worth a visit: it's won awards for it's family friendliness in the past and also has regular and very popular live jazz nights on Tuesdays from 7.45. The wine, on a small butomprehensive list, is sourced from the excellent Portland wine merchants in Hale. We had an awesome 16% proof Mitchells of Australia red blend of Grenache /  Mouvedre / Shiraz   2002 vintage.  Nicely tamed into quiet mellowness by age it went well with all our courses.       PHIL HAMER.            MANCHESTER CONFIDENTIAL


" In city centre Manchester, bright modern eateries open almost weekly. Too often however, they are conveyor belts with (overpriced) food and service to match. Much better to head out to Smiths. It might not be as fashionably located - Eccles  precinct, Salford - but, over the last six years, this neighbourhood restaurant has founded its reputation on those things that newer establishments often overlook, such as well-sourced ingredients, skilful,sparky cooking and attentive staff. Recent examples from the three-course fixed price menu include breast of lamb with onion marmalade, cod fillet dusted with cajun spices and calves' liver with sweet potato mash. At 13.50, it's already a steal, but the attention to detail  -  the great mayo that accompanies a chicken salad, carrying a bottled lager like Krombacher - seals it.   Basically, you come away from Smiths with the comfort of knowing that someone cares. "   TONY NAYLOR. The Guide. The Guardian. Saturday 29 Nov 2003

The B. E. N.  review was a full page article - too long to reproduce here but extracts follow:

" Smiths is one of those restaurants where everything you see coming out of the kitchen you will wish you had ordered. The presentation of the food at this eaterie is simply exquisite and this includes the starters and desserts...the ambience in this restaurant is right up my street. It is very laid back and friendly.......and even on the set menu there was a variety of attractive dishes on offer."
( ON STARTERS: )  "What I particularly liked was the quality of the food without unnecessary volume which may have destroyed our appetite for what was to follow............... "
( ON MAIN COURSES: ) "Mine was simply mouthwatering, the pesto added to the flavour of the salmon perfectly, while my mother reported that her lamb was delicious........."
( ON PUDDINGS:) "Both puddings turned out to be a superb way of rounding the meal off. Two fine cups of coffee followed........"
" Smiths would be an excellent restaurant for a romantic date or night out . This was a highly enjoyable eating out experience. "     NICK JACKSON

-  In the interest of fairness, we should say that Mr Jackson had one or two small niggles, one of which was that he felt that the front steps made disabled entry difficult or impossible.  We do have flat access via the side door, suitable for wheelchair users or those with restricted moblity.... and a notice on the front door stating this, but the review has made us look at whether the notice is really visible in the dark. We're proud that we do everything we can to make Smiths welcoming to as many people as possible, whether it be access to the building, menus for those with sight problems or comfort at the tables ( some tables were specially made to make dining more comfortable for wheelchair users ) so if the access notice isn't clearly visible at all times, we'll do something about it. 
( let us know what you think - it'll help us improve things ) . And finally, we agree, Smiths IS difficult to find if you've not been before so, first time visitors, contact us -  we've maps and directions to send you. ( They're on this site too )




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